Monetization Program Policy

We have made it very easy for all our users to be able to monetize their content and their time spent on ConnectYu by providing them with many easy monetization options:

·       Beads Earning

·       Content Monetization

·       Dash Cowries

·       Affiliate Program

·       Wallet Transfers

·       Funding

·       Advertising

·       Marketplace

·       Live Stream Advertising

·       Pay per view

·       more



Eligibility for Monetization

When you register and verify your account on ConnectYu, you automatically become eligible for our monetization program and you can start earning.


In order to maximize your earnings on ConnectYu, you must upgrade to a pro user by purchasing a Pro Package here;

Before you apply for your wallet withdrawal on ConnectYu, you must make sure that you are eligible (have met all the withdrawal requirements stated below):



Withdrawal Requirements:

1. You must be a verified user of connectYu, that is, you must have a verification badge.

2. You must have reached your minimum withdrawal limit.

3. You must have a connectPay verified account: All cowries are paid into your ConnectPay account where you can easily cash out the equivalent through MTN Mobile Money, Orange Mobile Money, PayPal, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, flutterwave, etc. In this case, your ConnectPay email is required.



How To Get Verified On ConnectYu:

When your account is successfully verified on ConnectYu, you get a verification badge, which can be seen beside your profile picture on ConnectYu. There are two main ways you can get your account verified on ConnectYu:

1. Purchasing either a VIP or an Ultima Pro Package.

2. Manual Verification: You can apply for verification in your settings section.           For this verification process to be successful;

a. You must be an active user on ConnectYu; that is, your account must be active within a month.

b. You must complete your profile by filling in all the right information as required.

c. You must submit to us all the documents and information correctly as required by the verification form.

d. The information you submit to us for your verification must match that on your profile, for example; your profile picture, your Name, and address.

e. Your profile must be linked to at least one social media platform you are already active on.

f. You must respect and abide by all our community guidelines.



When you apply for a withdrawal on ConnectYu, your funds (Cowries) are sent to your ConnectPay account, where you are able to easily cash out.

Make sure to double-check and ensure that your ConnectPay email is exactly the email you used in creating your ConnectPay account.

If your funds (Cowries) are not sent to your ConnectPay account within 48 hours of applying, contact the Admin (Bobe) on ConnectYu or send an email to


The abuse of any feature of the ConnectYu Products or any part of our policy and community guidelines may lead to a suspension, termination, or the deletion of your account(s) on the ConnectYu Products with no notification.Make sure to read and understand our Terms and Community Guidelines before you start using ConnectYu.

Last Updated: September 09, 2023